The Pantry and Me


Some of my fondest memories as a child are of baking with my mother. I would spend hours in our family kitchen in Estonia watching her bake delicious home - made recipes which would be enjoyed by the whole family. Back then I was more of an impatient assistant who couldn’t wait to cut into the freshly baked rye loaf, but, along the way I learned a few things and can say whole heartedly this is where my love and passion for baking comes from. So thank you mum. 


Having lived in the UK for over 10 years now my inspirations draw from a number of different places. While my Estonian roots are definitely a big influence in my baking, my passion and appreciation for different cultures and tastes encourages me to produce both traditional Eastern European recipes as well a blend of Scandinavian and Western European delicacies. Whether it’s a traditional wreath shaped savoury brioche with rosemary, a mouthwatering honey-cake with paper thin layers of pastry and vanilla cream, or a classic Victoria sponge, I invite you to sample and enjoy recipes from both around the world and those a little closer to home. There’s something for every occasion. 


As a baker my job is to produce a positive reaction from you, the lovely people eating my food. Whether it is be a subtle smile, a gasp of joy or serene silence, it’s these moments that are the most rewarding part of baking for me. And it’s why I keep doing it!  


I hope you enjoy tasting as much as I did baking for you.